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Shenzhen Zhuomao Technology Co, Ltd. is a modern enterprise, specializing in the research and development (R&D), production and sales of BGA repair stations.

The company was founded in 2002 and at the moment, on the market of BGA soldering stations, company grows into a leader, thanks to a strong technical supply, effective management and excellent sales system. We constantly develop in this area to keep pace with the competition, thus earning the trust and support of our customers at home and abroad.

Technology is the productivity! We maintain our business in the philosophy slogan "professional, innovation, integrity".Currently, at such a rapid development of the community, in order to ensure an efficient and comfortable services, the company opened its offices in cities such as Beijing, Chengdu, Suzhouand creating a favorable and stable network of cooperation.

As a leading manufacturer of BGA equipment and additional supplies, ZhuoMao is dedicated to the global electronics industry brand from the beginning, to provide an advanced and comprehensive services in the industry, combining high quality with advanced technology and excellent after-sales service. ZhuoMao won a good reputation and has become a leader in the industry. The future belongs to us, we sincerely hope that many of your excellent production, supported by an important commitment on our part will make your product known all over the world.

Technical support

Purchase of the BGA station, should be thought out expenditure. Our qualified technical personnel, provides support from product selection in line with your expectations, by preparing a full range of additional equipment, instruct for the device service with access to customer support, through a contact, and information shared on webpage and software, as well as service and components sale.




Quality assurance

Value to money ratio is one of the characteristics, which distinguishes a ZhuoMao products on the market. Robust design, easy and intuitive to use, trouble-free operation and high capabilities, which convinced many customers in recent years, made them worthy for recommendation. Hence the possibility to extend the warranty up to 5 years!





Quick return investment

Are you planning to start your own service or expanding the opportunities for growing business? If you want to enrich your offer of services, you need an investment in a professional device that instantly earns on itself and will allow you to exist among the competition, and even overtake it. BGA Stations of ZhuoMao brand is a reasonable choice which many services decide on - both in Poland and Europe.



About us

We are the European distributor of Shenzhen Zhuomao Technology Co., Ltd. company specializing in research, development, production and sale of BGA rework stations.

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